Infrastructure & Processing


Chaman Lal Setia Exports has a modern, state of the art, rice milling and processing unit at 6th Milestone, Kaithal Road in Karnal, Haryana. Our product range covers raw, steamed and parboiled rice manufactured under the strictest supervision and quality parameters.

Processing is carried out under carefully controlled conditions. From selection of raw paddy from farms to the final packaging, each step is covered by a set of quality parameters implemented by our experienced quality control personnel. The result is consistency in appearance of grains of rice and retention of taste and aroma. We have the trust of our clients and ensure that processing is of the highest standards to deliver the finest quality product consistent with our reputation in the market.


If processing is important, packaging is no less important. Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd has a state of art packaging unit complete with printing and labelling equipment. Packaging of premium rice is carried out under controlled hygienic conditions in order to ensure that rice remains unaffected by long term storage. Package design is such that it is tamper proof and air tight to seal in freshness, taste and aroma of rice.

  • The following packaging is available:-
  • · Non- Woven Bags with beautiful design and printing
  • · Jutes Bags & Bulk Bags
  • · Cloths Bags
  • · BOPP Packing
  • · Pouch Packing