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Maharani Rice with Low Glycemic Index Suitable for Diabetics:

It's a specially processed parboiled rice with low G.I. (Glycaemic Index). Our product is based on scientific knowledge, creating the perfect grain. We use special cultivars and process to create low G.I. level rice. This makes the rice suitable for consumers when used in moderate quantity meal of 150 grams of cooked rice.

What is G.I?

G.I stands for GLYCEAMIC INDEX. This is a method of numbering or ranking carbohydrate food to indicate if that food will make glucose level in our body rise very quickly, moderately or very slowly.

The sugar in low G.I.

foods are released slowly into the body, causing blood glucose level to rise and then fall more slowly than the foods which have a higher G.I. number. If we choose to eat more food with a low G.I., they will be absorbed more slowly and can help in lowering the glucose levels.

Why to choose Low G.I.?

Many studies have shown that food with Low G.I. number satisfies our hunger for a longer period of time and they also reduce our food carvings. And that's not all; research has shown that there are other good reasons for eating low G.I. foods.

Bhathi Sella Rice ( Roasted Parboiled Rice)

In the villages of U.P state in India there was a tradition of roasting paddy and then preparing parboiled rice. This rice has very good taste and softness. The hard and manual work involved in such manufacturing brought this process to stand still. We as a company innovated scientific system to make Bhathi (Roasted Parboiled Rice) which sustains nutritional Bhathi (Roasted Parboiled Rice) which sustains nutritional value and a very good taste like raw rice.

green basmati
green basmati